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Las Vegas description of the Animal Cell

Extra credit Biology project

Cynthia Aparicio

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Las Vegas description of the Animal Cell

-The Hoover dam is the Mitochondria of Nevada
- The dam allows water to flow through and collects the energy and turns it into electricity for Nevada
-The Mitocondria is the "powerhouse" of the cell and also to Nevada.
The Nucleus -This freeway is the Endoplasmic Reticulum of the cell
-The freeways are transportation within Nevada for farmland foods and gold
-The E.R is an extensive network of tubules for transport within the cell. -The casino's are the Ribosomes of Nevada.
-The Ribosomes produce proteins
- The casinos produce jobs for the city -The Golgi Apparatus is the"post office" of this Nevada cell
-The post office is the where they package and send off the mail such as the Golgi
-The E.R and the Golgi work together to make and transport
proteins to release from cells. - The Nucleolus of Nevada is Las Vegas
-Las Vegas is a major part of Nevada
- The Nucleolos is where the assembly of the Ribosomes begin -The recycling center represents the Lysomes.
-The recycling center is where you recycle plastics,cans,glasses,and newspaper. That you convert to multi products
- The Lysomes they break down lipids and carboydrates and can be used by the cell -The black line that borders Nevada is the cell membrane.
-The cell membrane protects it from the outside surroundings
-The border of Nevada separates from other states
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