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Earth's Water: The Big Piture

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ariyanna easter

on 15 September 2012

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Transcript of Earth's Water: The Big Piture

Earth's Water: The BIG Picture The percentage of Earth's water that is from the ocean (salt water) is 96.5%. Oceans (Saltwater) Fresh water is water that does not have any salt in it at all. Fresh water is 2.5% of Earth's water. Fresh Water Fresh Water: Glaciers and Icecaps This is a diagram of what groundwater looks like. Groundwater is 30.1% of freshwater. Fresh Water: Groundwater This is a picture of the Trinity River. Surface water is 1.3% of Freshwater. Surface Water This is a picture of ice and snow, which is just frozen water Ice and Snow This is Lake Superior. Lakes Swamps and Marshes Rivers This is a picture of a sunset of a river. Groundwater Where Drinking Water Comes From The approximate amount of fresh water in icecaps and glaciers is 68.6% Groundwater Lakes Reservoirs Screening is used to get the big particles out of the water. Screening Aeration is when they mix water with air and it forces the other gases out. Aeration Coagulation- adding something to the water to make the particles stick to it so they can see it better. Coagulation Filtration is when the water is sent through very fine particles and the tiny particles are caught. Filtration They disinfect water by mixing it with a moderate amount of chlorine. Disinfecting www.google.com
www.youtube.com Bibliography
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