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L-Plate disciples: prayer

Sermon outline for Pakenham Lakeside Church 2017.02.12

Nathan Hedt

on 12 February 2017

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Transcript of L-Plate disciples: prayer

L-plate driving
SCARY! Daunting!
L-plate prayer
Learn to drive by driving
Learn to pray by praying
The (unexpected gift) of
the Lord's prayer
Our Father...
Danger! Detour!
Interlude on an objection
Our Father?
Back on track
The gift of a trusting relationship
Carpark driving/carpark prayer
L-Plate disciples
learning from Jesus
What if I get it wrong?
L-plate prayer
Proven practical principles for powerful prayer
Forgive us our sins...
God wants to
converse with us as friends
What does communication in a relationship look like?
L-plate disciples: learning from Jesus (Matthew 5-7)
Word of God
Daily life in the Kingdom
(walking with Jesus)
Matthew 6:7, 31-33
Seven super steps to speaking to the Supreme Being
Jesus gives them a prayer!
The great prayer exchange...
The gift of a trusting relationship
and conversational prayer
Response: Matthew 7:9-11
That parental impulse to love your kids? It's a
of God's Perfect love for us
We learn to drive by driving
We learn to talk by talking
We learn to pray by praying
"Our Father,
the one who is in the heavenly realms"
Set aside time
Get up the hours
Just do it!
God wants to hang out with us as loving parent and trusting child
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