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Charles Dickens & THe Industrial revolution

No description

Kristin Solanick

on 1 December 2015

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Transcript of Charles Dickens & THe Industrial revolution

Charles Dickens
- Born into a family who dreamed of becoming wealthy.
- Forced to go to work to help the family at 12 years old when his father was sent to prison for debt

Industrial Revolution
- The Industrial Revolution inspired Dickens to write a Christmas Carol
- Manufacturers were becomming very rich.
- A large number of laborers were children

Child Labor
- Working conditions were HARSH

Time for a Change
- After reading a report from Parliament, Dickens felt moved to make a social change
- A Christmas Carol is SOCIAL COMMENTARY
- It is a novella
"You will certainly feel that a Sledge hammer has come down..."
- Conceptualized the story's plot in THREE days

Factory Work
- Worked in a factory making "blacking" for fireplaces
- Innocence was lost
- Went back to work at age 15 where he got some writing experience
Charles Dickens & THe Industrial revolution
- Nostalgia: Sentimental feelings for the past
- Pity: Feelings of sadness or compassion
- Fear: A feeling of impending danger or pain
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