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Technology and Obesity!

No description

Steve Varghese

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of Technology and Obesity!

Technology is one of the main
underlying causes of the obesity rates increasing in the past years. Tech. and Obesity United! Start Obesity (having a BMI of 30 and above) is a huge problem in the US and in the World. Over 1/3 of the population in the U.S. are obese! As years go by, and as technology increases, the obesity rate slightly gets bigger and bigger, and more people are in danger of having a disease that is due to Obesity, such as Coronary Heart Disease, Atherosclerosis which can lead to Stroke , Myocardial Infarctions, and possibly death. Some interesting data we found was that certain ethnic groups were more obese than others specifically the Hispanic race had more. And also excessive obesity such as being morbidly obese can lead to more serious health problems such as death. The Troublesome Duo Technology: A Cause of Obesity By Steve and Josh Technology Obesity Technology and Obesity work together hand in hand. With the huge advancements in technology lately, more people have not been active since they are either watching TV, playing video games, or just doing random stuff on the Internet. Technology plays a huge part in obesity because every once in a while, a commercial plays showing off new types of fast food, and that lures people in into buying more fast food. Even though there are different types of technology that prevent obesity (mostly exercise machines), people just don't want to put in any effort. Nor do they want to spend their money on the machines. If we could somehow change how technology affects us by making them require more effort, we have to start off small and then we can work our way up to the top. But as the rate of technological advancement and purchase of electronics and such, continued to increase, so did a huge problem that wasn't one until recent times! Hey Hamburger Monster! If we work together, we'll be able to destroy the human race. Technological Advancements

Our race has increased in developing new inventions exponentially. Cars for example have allowed us to travel from point A to point B in significantly less time than using carriages with horses. Even though technology helps us get things done quicker, that is not always the best thing. Technology has slowly made our population more and more lazy. We have continually used less and less effort in the activities we do daily. Instead of washing clothes manually like in the 1940s, we can just toss out our clothes into a washing machine, which requires less work and energy. And as technology keeps increasing so does the world's ability to do work. Laziness has greatly influenced the world. The Solution I Agree! But Whose Fault Is It? There isn't just one person who caused this epidemic. There are actually many people who caused this. Adults are one of the sources of the problem due to the fact they are the one who invent new products while kids are the subject to the inventions. They are the ones who buy fast food for the kids. Also, they are the ones whose mannerisms affects a childs developmental phase and cause them to be lazy and inactive. Not only that but kids are also passing these mannerisims onto their children causing them to be lazy and inactive and passing the habits along. The Proof We have looked over at multiple websites trying to find the relationship between how many electronic devices have been purchased in a specific year and the relationship between it and the obesity rates in the same year. One of the statistics we found was that in 2012 the number of computers purchased was 95 million units in the U.S. That is also double the amount purchased in the year 2000. In the same year over 68% of adults are obese in the U.S. In the year 2000 the number of computers purchased was 46 million with the number obese people being at 30%. The obesity rate and the computers purchased have both doubled in 12 years. And from the results we got from the survey we have noticed that only 59%, of people in who took our survey, excercise which is only a little over half. Most of the responses to why people didn't exercise was that they were too lazy or it was too much effort. These results are reflected on the obesity rates today. Also, 89% of the people who took our survey say they use electronic devices over 5 hours per day , and 71% of the people who said that they didn't want to exercise, use electronic devices over 10 hours per week. Which does indeed show that technology has to do with being lazy, which means that technology does affect obesity. I need to a work out. THE END!!!!! We know that the only solution other than solving it by medical/external means is by exercising and eating healthy. Simple as that. It may cost you a few hours a day and you may not like vegetables/fruits, but if you want to remain fit and not suffer from major problems in your future life, you should do these 2 simple things. Try to squeeze in time when your free. If you feel unconfident then possibly get a personal trainer who can help you maintain a fit lifestyle. But the biggest solution to technology related obestiy is to reduce your usage of electronic devices during free time when you can spend it on other more useful tasks. For example, instead of driving your car to the local store, you can walk there. You can also play videogames that make you excersise such as Wii Fit, PS Move, Xbox Kinect. HYPOTHESIS If the rate of technology and the rate at which we purchase new types of devices keep increasing , then the rate of obesity will increase, as well. Work Cited "Adult Obesity Facts." Centers for Disease Control and
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