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Kaitlyn McCain

on 30 November 2015

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Transcript of Summary

Presentation by Kaitlyn McCain core 4
The School of Good and Evil
by:Soman Chainani

2 little girls one named Agatha and one named Sophie got picked this year to go to the schools one for evil one for good. Sophie was pure thought she was going to good and Agatha bad but that wasnt close to what happened. The opposite happened and Sophies crush was good so they kept trying to switch schools. In the end their was a battle against the two that showed Sophies true self,bad.
Agatha: She is dark mysterious and nothing like a princess. All the others hated her and wanted her to go to the school of evil. She would constantly say Sophie should be here not me.

Sophie: always wearing pink dresses, long blonde hair, hanging out with Agatha so she looks good. Thought she was a princess and desves to be in good school to be a princess not a villain.
main characters
The story takes place in present time. I know this because theirs cars and forests also this school could be running right now as we know it.

The place is the school of Good and Evil. Its a school where villains, Sophie, and heros or princesses, Agatha, are made. Its also where a major fight against the two best friends happened.
A party is happening and Sophie thinks Agatha is stealing her wanna be prince cause its her only chance of being a princess. Sophie tries pushing Agatha down the garbage shute while Agatha kicked her back and the prince. Didnt understand who was evil cause of looks so he believed Sophie and almost killed Agatha who he thought was a witch.
Sophie got a happy ending except she didnt except it she stayed evil and killed her prince cause she new shes rotten she has no heart for him.

Agatha was hated and thought of as a witch but people started excepting her a bit more as a princess cause Sophie was a villian so Agatha couldnt have been. They were never friends again cause of reality and others choices.
Dont judge a book by a cover is the them.

Since Sophie looked like a princess they thought she was one but she was a villain not even close to a princess.

and Agatha looked like a villain but obviously she was the princess and nicer than Sophie ever was her heart was pure.
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