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Health Triangle

No description

Mr. Kelly

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of Health Triangle

THE HEALTH TRIANGLE TOTAL HEALTH (Personal Wellness) Think of when you have been sick...did that make you feel anxious, or sad, or a bit irritable?
That's because your physical health affects your mental and social well-being. When your body is sick, your emotional state is more vulnerable, and your social outlook is negative. In fact,
each one has an impact on the other two. If one aspect of total health is weakened, the other
two will also be affected. Total health (personal wellness) is a combination of physical
health, mental/emotional health, and social well-being.
In order to achieve total health, you must balance the three
aspects of health. Personal Wellness PHYSICAL HEALTH SOCIAL HEALTH MENTAL HEALTH "Balance is the key to life!" Maintaining good physical health requires that you pay attention to :
Fitness, Personal Hygiene, Rest and Nutrition Depends on liking and accepting yourself, expressing emotions in an acceptable manner, managing stress, anger and sorrow, accepting life's challenges and having a positive outlook. Includes getting along with others, being part of a group, making and keeping friends, and developing relationships both within the family and the community. Physical Social Mental The Health Triangle Summary of Health Triangle
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