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Explaining SAC 1 (3rd lesson)

No description

Liam Brooks

on 16 March 2017

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Transcript of Explaining SAC 1 (3rd lesson)

Explaining SAC 1 (3rd lesson)
Entry activity: Claim> supporting evidence
1. Working in pairs.

2. Consider the following claim:

"Jack's lack of a stable male role model negatively impacts his behaviour".

3. Imagine you are writing a body paragraph based around this claim.

You have a list of
ten pieces of potential evidence
that could be used to support the above claim.

four pieces
of relevant and compelling evidence from the list of 10.

We have 8 minutes.

Class discussion to follow.
The rubric for SAC 1
Activity: Comparing two sample body paragraphs
1. Working individually.

2. Read the pretext and the two sample body paragraphs.

3. Complete questions 1-4 in a thorough manner.

4. We have 35 minutes.

5. Class discussion to follow.
Improving body paragraphs
Resources to help you prepare for SAC 1
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