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Hunger-Quarter 3 Book Project

No description

Jessica Schenk

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Hunger-Quarter 3 Book Project

Michael Grant Hunger Conflict, Climax, Resolution Conflict Imagining Setting Finding Character “’Look, I’m going to get right to it: we have 332..…I’m sorry 331 mouths to feed,’ Sam said, ‘we were already pretty bad off for food supplies. But after the attack by the Coates kids… well, it’s not pretty bad off anymore, it’s desperate.’…’331 kids’ Sam reiterated, ‘And food for maybe a week.’” Climax While, trying to get uranium to the gaiaphage a fight breaks out forcing Caine to throw the uranium rod. The uranium lands in rocks, cracking, and releasing radiation that can kill them all. Sam and Quinn show up to stop them, but Caine throws them to fight Drake himself. He takes the uranium rod and throws it at Drake like a spear sending Drake and the uranium into the mineshaft that Caine then collapses on them. There is not enough food left for people to eat. The crops that they have are infested with mutated worms, zekes, which eat human flesh. Resolution Sam and Astrid take blue bats caught by fisherman that people don't like to eat, and throw them to the zeke fields. The zekes eat the bats instead of the humans when they pick the crops, because they are fed by the humans and don't need to eat them to get food. 100 years from now... I believe this book could take place in 100 years, because it’s all about how the laws of the universe have been hacked and changed. If it was 100 years later it would be a little different, but the kids would still be kids not knowing how to deal with saving things for the future, starvation, medical things, and control and other kids. The cell phones, Internet, and satellite TV don’t work, so it won’t make a difference in technology. In conclusion, this story could take place in 100 years. All the adults would still be gone, the kids would still be struggling, and the laws of the universe would still not matter anymore. SAM Physical
Appearance Relationships Personality Sam is strong, but not overly strong. He is tall but not overly tall. He is tan, because he was a surfer before the FAYZ came, which is also why he is strong. He has brown hair and blue eyes, and is thought of as handsome by most of the people of the town. Brave, Selfless, Caring Sam always risks his life to save others, because he cares about other people and if they live or die. Heroic Responsible Sam is one of the strongest "freaks", and always uses his power to save the town from people no one else can stop. Sam is responsible, because he is mayor of Perdido Beach and takes care of everything that happens. He is responsible for the town and its people. SAM Perdido Beach Kids Astrid Sam is in love with Astrid. Astrid is Sam's adviser as mayor. Sam is the mayor and hero of Perdido Beach. He keeps the town safe and deals with every problem. The kids look up to Sam, because he stopped Caine and saved them. The kids think it will be okay when Sam is there. Thanks for Listening Main Character:
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