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Unit 2 Essay Spring 2010

study skills seminar

Felicity Booth

on 8 May 2010

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Transcript of Unit 2 Essay Spring 2010

1. Explain and explore how ‘region’ affected creative work during the period
1914-1945. Choose one or two key examples to support your argument.

2. How did political events shape the art and design produced in Europe during the period 1914-1945? Choose one or two key examples to support your argument.

3. Explain and explore how the changing relationship of art, design and industry shaped creative work in Europe during the period 1914-1945. Choose one or two key examples to support your argument. a)Paris and surrounding area – those who could get to Paris easily – possible focus on the 1925 exhibition (Wiener Werkstätte, Antelier Martine, Sonia Delaunay)

b)Italy, Switzerland and Southern Germany – look at either Dada, Futurism (appliqué and patchwork fashions and fabrics) or possibly the influence of the Bauhaus (weaving)

c)Britain – 1920s and 1930s experiments with nostalgia, natural forms and the very modern (egs Bloomsbury set, St. Ives artists including Henry Moore)
a)Impact of the First World War (1914-18)– Dada

b)Impact of the Russian Revolution (1917) – Revolutionary art and textiles, Constuctivists

c)World War Two rationing and design – Utility wear in Britain, Make do and Mend a)Rise of the antelier (design house) and the concept of Gesamkunstwerk and the move by some painters to textiles – eg Raoul Dufy.

b)Invention of rayon fabrics Collaborative learning Critical studies is not competetive
Its about learning skills
Useful to learn from each other
Learn by teaching
Working together helps everyone learn more Unit 2 Essay Research library - search the catalogue
internet - articles, images, films etc
journals and magazines
museums and galleries How do you do it? start with a general article/text:
eg If you are studying the Bauhaus start with -
Gardener Troy, V. (2006) The Modernist Textile: Europe and America 1890-1940. Aldershot, Lund Humphries follow up leads from this general article in other sources - the internet is good
for this stage.
look for ideas, set yourself questions to answer that fit with your developing
understanding of the subject. Planning sample plan - Political Events Essay
Russian Revolution Introduction - 200ish words
Briefly introduce russian revolution and say what
the impact was on art/design.
State that this essay will analyse the main issues using Rodchenko's work and a few other examples

more details on Russian revolution - 800ish words
How this changed the context for art and design.
Vkhutemas art school - a product of the revolution - use illustrations as examples - with brief image analysis
context for Rodchenko's work

How the revolution used art and design - 800ish words
analyse using Rodchenko's and others work as examples - use illustrations to support points.

Conclusion 200ish words
final comments

use quotes to support your work - but just a few short ones, much better to use your own words if you can.

Discussion What have you done so far?

What is your plan - can you quickly work together to develop
a plans for those in the group who dont have one

If you have drafts - read each others and comment on planning,
analysis and context

Help each other to understand what context and analysis are - can
you use examples from your own work to explain them to
your group

what do you find difficult about research? What do you find easy?
Ask your group for ideas, tactics, strategies on research
Share any that you use sucessfully Essay Questions interrelationships between
your examples and the essay
question institution or event http://prezi.com/7yctl3dkgbeg/ Research
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