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Hobby Project

7 Grade, Isabelle Lamour

Student Shelton

on 3 November 2014

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Transcript of Hobby Project

Important Facts
There are six gymnastic events for men and four for women. The men's events are rings, parallel bars, floor, vaulting horse, horizontal bars, and side horse.
Hi! I'm Isabelle Lamour . Today I'm going to show you one hobby of mine, gymnastics.
Take a look at these pictures.
Gymnastics has started in ancient Greece. Physical fitness was important to the Greeks. Both men and women did these exercises. But when Rome took over Greece, interest in gymnastics declined.
Important Facts
The womens' events are balance beam, uneven bars, floor, and vault. These routines have graceful dancelike movements with music in the background.
Here are more pictures
The reason I wanted to do gymnastics id because I wanted to try something I've never done before. I also wante to learn how to do complex tricks.
Hobby Project
By: Isabelle Lamour

Trick on balance beam.
Trick on the vaulting table. Flexibilty is important when doing complex tricks.
These are what the rings look like.
Uneven bars are one of the events for women.
Trick on floor.
This a trick on balance beam. You must be focused on balance beam and not be distracted.
These girls are using ribbons with their tricks.
Trick on parallel bars.

grips (optional)
These are what the grips look like.
Gymanstics leotard
This girl is doing rythmic gymnastics.
This girl is using a ribbon with her trick.
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