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Laos Prezi

Description of Laos

Aidan LeMay

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Laos Prezi

Laos Aidan & Jonari Basic Facts: General Attitudes Translations Sights We Saw Miscellaneous: Goodbye!!! Laos is a very hospitable country."Nevermind" is an oftenly-used statement, and most informal greetings consist of shaking hands. They normally serve guests food while squatting so they don't raise their heads above the guests'. If they do, it's a sign of disrespect. Sabaidi: comfortably fine (common greeting)
Kin khow leo bor: Have you eaten?
Pai Sai Maa: Where are you coming from?
Nyang tua: Not yet
No: bomi
Yes: aemn
Hello: Sabaidi
Thank you: Khokhobochai than
Please: kaluna
Do yu speak English?: Than vao phasaangkid? We rode elephants
We Stayed in a Five-Star Resort
We Visited the Tree Of Life
Lastly, we went to a restaraunt and had their most common meal: fish with lemon and sticky rice Poor Health Care
People walk, bike, motorcycle or take a car
Laos' government type is a Revolutionary Party
The staple crop is rice, but corn, veggies, tobacco, coffee and other foods are also grown locally
When at someone else's home eating, one usually sits in a manner meant to conceal one's feet Capital: Vientiane
Major Cities: Vang Vieng, Pakxe, Seno
Currency: The Lao Kip
Languages: Lao, French, English
Area in Sq. Mi.: 91,430
Main Religion: Buddhism
Population: 6.6 Million :-D
:-P Bibliography:
"Laos." CultureGrams Online Edition. ProQuest, 2013. Web. 8 Feb 2013.
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