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Volunteer Management

No description

Dan Wiseman

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of Volunteer Management

Why Involve Volunteers ?
Induction of Volunteers
Supporting and Developing Volunteers
Rewarding your Volunteers
What is a volunteer?
Imagine a world where...........

All the needs of Maidstone Museum exist


There is LIMITLESS money to spend meeting those needs

If you lived in this world, why would you involve volunteers?
Why Train Volunteers?
What reasons can you think of?
Volunteer's existing skills and knowledge
Requirements of the organisation
Identifying Volunteer Skills Gap
Adressing the Skills Gap

1) Clarify what you want from your training based on the needs you have identified

2)Choose an appropriate training option

1) Clarify the overall aim or purpose of each role,
2) Breaking it down into the tasks involved in achieving this purpose
3) specifying the skills, knowledge and understanding needed to carry out these tasks
4) Specify the minimum skills and knowledge you expect your volunteer to have to fulfill this role
5) Remove your minimum skills from your role specification
Set a clear aim and and some objectives:

An Aim: A broad statement about the purpose of the training

An Objective: A precise statement of what the volunteer should be able to do or know as a result of the training.
Why should you give volunteers feedback?
What is feedback?
It gives volunteers direction
lets volunteers know how they are doing
enables volunteers to develop their skills
Increases volunteer confidence
Recognises volunteers
The Feedback Sandwich Recipe:
A fresh slice of compliment
Organic coaching free of "Howevers" and "Buts"
Another fresh slice of encouragement
What should feedback be?
Write down two statements describing feedback:

Role: Volunteer Centre Assistant

Purpose: To man the reception and provide administrative support to the Volunteer Centre Officer

1. Welcome visitors
2. Answer public inquiries
3. Explain to visitors what the Volunteer Centre is and what we do
4. Hand out Volunteer Vacancies
5. Ring up volunteers placed by Volunteer Centre
6. Promote Volunteer Centre online
7. Update Volunteer Database
8. Occasional MS Office use

1. Welcoming and friendly
2. Able to convey information and have knowledge of Maidstone
3. Able to convey information and have knowledge of Volunteer Centre
4. N/A
5. Good telephone manner and knowledge of what to ask
6. Able to use Facebook and Twitter and good written English
7. Able to use Databases
8. Knowledge of MS Office
1. Welcoming and friendly
2. Capable of interacting with others
3. Good telephone manner
4. Good written English
5. An understanding of MS Office

1. Knowledge of Maidstone
2. Knowledge of Volunteer Centre
3. Ability to use Facebook and Twitter
4. Vbase
5. Ability to use Microsoft Office confidently

The skills Gap
In groups, write down as many things that you can think of.
Aim: To teach volunteers the essential knowledge needed to man the reception at the Volunteer Centre.

Objectives: Volunteers should be able to:

1) Answer the top 10 enquiries made at the Volunteer Centre.
2) List the 6 main functions of the volunteer Centre.
A Volunteer is somebody who commits their time and energy
For the benefit of society or the environment
For no money
Of their own free will
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