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Expanding business in Jimbana Park

No description

Oscar Pont

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Expanding business in Jimbana Park

Research Surveys:

Visitors Jimbana Park
Eco-tourists Interviews (tel/in person):
-"quest" finding the project
-interviews project owner
-experts Desk research:
Jimbana Park
Sites about The Gambia
Sites travel agencies
Sites on the theme"eco-tourism" Brainstorm Results Expanding business in
Jimbana Park
The Gambia entrepreneurship Profit, not just charity International Feasible Enthousiastic
project owner Feasible goals
No charity: free of charge = no value
Community benefits -> jobs
Dutch connection From expanding eco-tourism in a great part of The Gambia to making a camp more profitable what experiences do team members have? CSR Expanding Eco-tourism in The Gambia. Focus on Jimbana Park,
making it more profitable Eco-tourism Commercial project, CSR,
international Downsized project scope Project owner:Jimbana Foundation Maryléne Aldo Oscar IBO: Reflection board Project leader
Ardjan Annemarie Kwaspen - Chairman Stichting Kop
L. Commandeur - CEO Aquanet
Jos Vranken - CEO NBTC
Suzanne Hardjono - Project Mngmt Officer PBLX course manager
professor: Leen de Waal potential guests Jimbana Park
manager/owner Jimbana Park
Jimbana foundation Prince2 marketing plan: lucrative activities
educate guides
bird watch hides
upgrade park facilities
control: interactive website Stakeholders
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