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Feline & Canine Digestive System Fish Bone

A fish bone comparing the Digestive System of Felines and Canines

Anthony Do

on 17 June 2011

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Transcript of Feline & Canine Digestive System Fish Bone

Digestive System Canine Felines Sharp Teeth
(Carnivore) No amylase in saliva
(Low Carb Diets) Short Gut
Length Fast Transmission
Through Gut Little Starch
in Pancreas Liver tends not
to store Carbs Metabolism Control by
protein because
Pancreas uses Amino Acids
For Insulin Release Small Intestine comprises of doudeum
ileum and jejunum Large Intestine comprised of cecum colon and rectum Sharp Teeth
(Carnivore) Food passes down
Esophagus, muscle
contracts in waves
called peristalsis Stomach secretion contains
protein digesting enzymes,
Hydro Chloric Acid
and Mucus Glucose used for
metabolism and
insulin release Stomach contents are
mixed thoroughly,
and push towards the
pyloric sphincter,
a muscular ring that
acts as a regulator valve Duodenum main site for digestion in Small Intestine Mixture in stomach turns
to thick milky liquid
called Chyme Pancreatic Juice contains
Sodium Bicarbonate
which neutalizes Acidic Chyme
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