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Clothes Ellie

No description


on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of Clothes Ellie

By: Ellie
4 grade
Clothes for Women
The 18Th C. clothing for women had 2 main types of dress. One was a open robe which showed the petticoat. The other type was a closed, the closed robe was like the opened robe except it didn't show the petticoat. In the 19Th C. they had hooped skirts to make the dress look dome like. Women in the 19Th C. also had a type of trousers called bloomers. There was also a type of sleeves called mutton sleeves and were very popular in this time.
Clothes for Men
The 18Th C. clothing for men had a lot of types of clothing. Men had lots of styles for coats that changed many times. A banyan was a simple light coat worn in the house. In the 19Th C. men had a suit called the Beau Brummel look, it had a short waistcoat and a coat with tails long, tight pantaloons and a top hat completed the look. The frock coat was a coat men wore and looked like a overcoat.
Children's Clothes
In the 18th C. toddlers wore puddings to protect them self from getting hurt when they where learning to walk. Also in the 18th C. and 19th C. Kids started to dress like there parents at the age of 6 but girls didn't wear a corsets till the age of 18. In the 19th C. children wore a coat called the blanket coat and was very popular in the winter. Another thing for toddlers was a brownie suit. A brownie suit had overalls with a cloth diaper and rubber pants.
Hats for women
The 18th C. a popular indoor cap for women was called a mobcap, it was a type of softcap. A hat women wore outdoors was a cocked riding hat they where trimmed with fur and worn by women while riding. Another hat worn outdoors was a bergére hat was a hat women farmers wore. In the 19th C. women had lots of fancy hats for partys. Here are 2 of them, one was a sliky turban the other one was called the Tall crowned bonnet and was ofen decorated with ribbons and flowers.
Hats for men
Men in the 18th C. had three main types of hats. One hat was worn on a farm it was called an uncocked hat it kept the sun out of the face while farming. Another hat was a tricorne it was a three cornered hat but didn't keep sun out of the face. The last type of hat was a cocked hat the tricorne hat was a type of cocked hat it got its name because the edges are cocked up. In the 19th C. there were many more types of hats. One was called the Bowler hat it was very popular in this time. Another hat was called the homburg hat which was introduced to men later in the century. The deerstalker hat was a outdoor hat used for hunting.
Weathly men in the 18th C. wore a type of shoes called pumps. For partys women wore dress shoes made of kid leater and silk. Working people wore highlow boots. In the 19th C. women wore roman sandels and slippers in the house. Spatterdashes or spats were very popular with black shoes for men. Women's outdoor shoes were above the ankle.
19th C.
18th C.
19th C.
18th C.
18th C.
19th C.
Bergére hat
Riding hat
the Tall crowned bonnet
silky turban
uncocked hat
cocked hat
bowler hat
homburg hat
deerstalker hat
dress shoes
highlow boots
roman sandels
womens outdoor shoes
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