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Immigration In America

No description

Kunchok Tsomo

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of Immigration In America

Immigration In America By Kunchok Tsomo Waves Of Immigration Immigrants leaving their country. Wave # 1 of Immigration to America was from 1607-1829 where majority of immigrants were mostly from Great Britain, Ireland and Germany. Immigrants from these countries had no political freedom, religious freedom, economic opportunity and also didn’t have good life in their native countries while in America, they had found political freedom, religious tolerance and economic opportunity. Waves of Immigration Religious Persecution 1 2 3 WAVE: Immigrants suffering from high taxes and going to America. Wave # 2 of Immigration to America was from 1830-1890 where majority of immigrants were from Ireland and Great Britain Germany. In their native land, there were scarce crops, expensive land, failed democratic revolution, high taxes, famine, overpopulation, and job shortages. But, in America there was cheap farmland, plentiful crops, freedom, the economy expanded rapidly and loads of workers were needed, transportation expanding such as railroad, also they were able to take advantage of the abundant jobs and higher wages. Wave # 3 of Immigration to America was from 1890-1924 where majority of immigrants were from Southern Europe and Eastern Europe. These countries were going through violent attacks against Jews, Italian economy going down and many poverty in Russian peasants; therefore many moved to America and were able to attain economic opportunity, personal freedom or relief from political and religious persecution. Ellis Island Many immigrants passed through Ellis Island to do health check-up, mental check-up and physical check-up. They wanted to make sure Immigrants were perfectly fine before they enter America. It is the first island that allowed the immigrants to America. This graph shows the Immigrants population throughout the time in United States. For the first 60 years from 1790-1840, the immigrants population in U.S. was less than a million. But from 1840-1870, the immigrants population increased to more than a million. This is so because during those times, there were potato famine, many people were dying in Ireland because of hunger and the disease called Cholera, therefore many Irish moved to America. Around 1875-1915, there were Industrial Revolution in America. The economy got better rapidly and there were many jobs offering which motivated peopled to move to America. "America has been, is, and always will be a nation of immigrants" America was founded by the immigrants and the immigration population has been increasing over time. There won’t be native born without the founders who were immigrants. Our immigrants had brought the idea of what we have in this country such as the constitution and “Declaration of Independence” which had made what it is today, therefore, immigrants are one of our creator of America. America started with a 13 colonies founded by our Founding Fathers who were immigrants and they were the first ones to write the constitution which had made a great impact on life of people around the world and to motivate other people to come to America which has freedom. America will forever be a nation of immigrants because of all the great opportunities that all the citizens get and it’s benefit and because of our immigrants.
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