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Fashion Forward

No description

Amanda Botha

on 3 September 2015

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Transcript of Fashion Forward

Our Structure
Fashion Forward is a new student organization that aims to bridge the gap between Ohio State students and Retail Companies. It aims to become the liaison for retail companies to invest in Fisher students through providing a qualified and passionate student base that shares interests with the companies’ values and operations.
Our Mission
Develop a cohort of analytical students with a passion for the retail industry
Expose this group to a variety of meaningful experiences such as a Retail Speaker Series, immersive opportunities, and interactive events
Provide the group with the ability to network and build connections with other students and industry recruiters and professionals

Our Goals

Smaller, competitive and challenging; promotion of a strong sense of community, and facilitation of strong relationships and networks
Overly large memberhsip creates difficulty in coordinating immersive and interactive experiences with employers
Supplement long term commitment to the organization; creating longevity and prominence within the organization’s standing

Why Fashion and Retail?

Fashion Forward recognizes that the students that fit those qualifications are here at Fisher, and we want to allow them to tap into these opportunities so they may find their niche in the business world.
Meeting the Demand
These positions require people with acute analytic skills, a business mind, problem solving capibilities and an "eye" for fashion trends and style

"We’re looking for people who are innovative, talented, creative and driven"
What does Fashion Forward bring to Fisher?
Fashion Forward attracts more companies to Fisher that are seeking to recruit students interested in business retail
Many Fisher students interested in retail would be able to find their niche - engaging and networking within their desired field
Fashion Forward addresses inclusion and diversity of interest, and creates opportunities for student development and involvement

The Fashion Industry; a multibillion-dollar global enterprise devoted to the business of making and selling clothes

At least 12 Companies recruit for full-time positions and interships within professions in the retail industry: Macy's, Kohls, The Limited, Abercrombie&Fitch, Saks Fifth Avenue, Target, Chico's, Zappos, The Scarpetta, Pursuit, Luxottica Retail, and Limited Brands
How do you apply?
General Meeting Information

Wednesday 7:30PM
Schoenbaum 310
Past Events
Speakers from:
LBrands, DSW,
Resume Workshops
Boutique Owner Visits
Career Fair Prep
Internship Panels
Service Events
Professional Development Workshops
President Lena Dahlby
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