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Conductors and Insulators

KS2 Conductors and Insulators

Katharine Bohin

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of Conductors and Insulators

I can name materials that are good at electrical conduction and insulation.
What is an electrical conductor?
An electrical conductor is a material that allows electricity to pass through.
What is an electrical insulator?
An electrical insulator is a material that STOPS electricity from getting through.
Talk to the person next to you...
Why aren't wires made of wood?

Should I make a crocodile clip out of margarine?

Is the filament of a bulb made of metal?

Why is plastic used on the outside of wires?
Conductors and Insulators
L.I I understand that some materials are good electrical conductors and some are good electrical insulators.
Today you will be experimenting with
different materials that are on your
tables. You will be making circuits
and using materials like wood, plastic
and cotton to investigate which materials
are CONDUCTORS and which are INSULATORS.
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