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nicolas epelly

on 31 July 2009

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Transcript of V2

Market Influence
Service Permanence
Billing and Finance SolutionS Marketing For Who Managed Services Enablement 5 Key Factors of Success Managed Services Enablement Market potential how? What MANAGED SERVICES
PROVIDER Improved Business Interactions
Improved Business Continuity
Total Cost Control To increase sales of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprises Products
To facilitate adoption of ALU product by Service Providers Candidates for advanced Managed Services Offers that meet end-customer requirements
To solve specifics business pains in Service Provider Candidates Organizations (in technological, operational, and commercial fields) raised by usage of Alcatel-Lucent technologies Business objectives for Alcatel-Lucent "Always On Business" Managed Services Always Under Control wants Communications Applications Network (& Traffic) Presence Solution Competence 24/7/365 Billing & Finance OPEX CAPEX
Flexible Rigid
Controlled Uncontrolled
Low Maintenance High Maintenance Service
Permanence Market
Influence Segmentation details Serices Providers
Strategies from Delivered by Who Go To Market Enablers Technological Enablers Help Desk Services Enablers Field Services Enablers NOC Services Enablers Financial Services Solutions Marketing Market Managed Services Market Why demanding MORE Businesses & Business Owners Usages acceleration Usages acceleration New Generation
of Consumers Alcatel-Lucent's Role = MS Enablement Offer Blue Print Execution Plan KPI Engagement proces Focus Alignement Remote Services Simplification Eco-System's leverage PPU On Demand
Communications MS Categories Managed Voice Managed LAN Managed Data Managed Security Managed WAN Managed WIFI Hosted PBX Managed PBX Managed Applications Managed Collaboration Managed Contact Center Productivity
Effectiveness New Characteristics Sales Enablement
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