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Lead Generation Kit

Technology is making outbound marketing less effective. Learn how to use inbound marketing to get quality leads.

Maggie Georgieva

on 24 February 2011

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Transcript of Lead Generation Kit

Hello! Welcome to HubSpot's Lead Generation Kit!

We are going to show you how to use inbound marketing tactics to help generate leads for your business. What's Inbound Marketing you ask? Inbound Marketing blogging SEO social media Then, what's outbound marketing? Outbound Marketing TV ads cold calls trade show so inbound marketing = outbound marketing = exponential EFFECTS alright, let's get started! SOCIAL MEDIA Content creation creates an abundance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) opportunities. A well-optimized website will attract more traffic and generate leads for your business. Optimize. On-Page SEO Page title Keywords in URL Social media is like a . reception. No time & space restrictions
Meet people & start conversations
Answer some questions
Ask questions business cocktail How do you social media in inbound marketing? Meet industry leaders
Promote your content use videos For example, use social media to promote your . What can I use? tools RSS feeds
Google Alerts Inbound links Feed for this query SEO Include relevant
when hyperlinking. anchor text SEO benefits of publishing Interesting content is a link magnet. VS Attract links from
. sites. trusted For example, blogs, media outlets and other well-established sites. respected But what about promotion? YOUR
WEBS TE Blogging is one form of . Own your blog . What about blogging ? When should I blogging? But is blogging alone enough? No. A lot of people think that the "look & feel" of a website is the most important thing to consider when setting one up. But do the design aspects necessarily help your website generate leads for your business?
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