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Poison Gas



on 4 November 2012

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Transcript of Poison Gas

POISON GAS Poison Gas was probably the most feared weapon in World War 1... The first gas attack was in April 1915 THANKS FOR WATCHING! At first, poison gas wasn't lethal. but scientists had to find ways of permanently damaging (preferably killing) the enemy. So eventually mustard and chlorine gas were born! Chlorine... The chemical in swimming pools right? RIGHT! ...but... WRONG. This gas was deadly but would only disable the troops for a small amount of time, however it was green meaning the targets could see it coming and prepare for it with gas masks. Mustard gas... a fatal gas as it was hard to detect... first used by Germans in 1917. This gas was extremely harmful and caused a lot of pain. When in contact with mustard gas your skin would
blister. You could become blind. Soldiers would vomit
and internal and external bleeding could also occur. Right, there are two ways to see this.
Fortunately, the gas took 4-5 weeks to kill you so you had all that time to say goodbye and all that :)
Unfortunately, you would spend those 4-5 weeks to writhing in pain, probably blind so that's not so nice :(
take your pick which side are you on? Oh, and... if your enemy was really merciless (which they tended to be) they could plant it and it would remain active for weeks A little more on chlorine gas... It smelled like a mixture of pepper and pineapple + = It tasted metallic swimming pool chlorine is regulated.
WW1 chlorine gas... was not A soldier never worries, here is why;
When your country is at war, one of two things can happen:
1. You are sent to the front line
2. You are not sent to the front line
If 2, you don't have to worry. If 1, one of 2 things can happen:
1. You have to go over the top
2. You do not have to go over the top
If 2, you don't have to worry. If 1, one of 2 things can happen:
1. You get shot
2. You do not get shot
If 2, you don't have to worry. If 1, one of 2 things can happen:
1. You die
2. You do not die
If 2, you don't have to worry. If 1, you can't worry.
Therefore, a soldier never worries. British casualties
1914-1918 mustard gas chlorine gas deaths :( non-fatal :) 1,976 4,086 164,457 16,526 MOVIE TIME! http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/worldwarone/hq/trenchwarfare.shtml GAME TIME! By, Neona & Oyin
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