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Mechanical Energy

No description

destiny campbell

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Mechanical Energy

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com What is Mechanical Energy? It is the energy in a mechanical form. it includes potenal and kinetic energy. Potenal energy is stord and kintic is in motion. Forms of Kinetic Energy Potentail Energy Mechanical Energy
By: Destiny Campbell, Destiney violette, Jahkevion Moore examples: Two Main Types of Mechanical Energy
Motion Energy- Energy something has because it is moving.This energy has kinetic energy.

Stored Mechanical Energy - Energy something has stored in it. It can also be called potential energy Vibrational- The energy due to vibrational motion.
Vibrational- The energy due to vibrational motion.Rotational- The energy due to rotational motionTranslational-The energy due to motion from one location to another.- The energy due to rotational motion
Translational-The energy due to motion from one location to another. Potentail is stored energy. It is not moveing
Ex1-A lawn mower filled with gasaline
Ex2-A Car on top of a hill
Ex3- Students waiting to go home Energy Is the abilty to do work. With out energy we could not do anything. To get energy you have to put it in your body like eat food.Energy comes in many forms like Kinetic, potential, radiant energy and Ect. Formulas Kinetic Energy- KE=1/2*M*V2
M-Mass, V-Speed, G- Gravtity, H-Height.
Potentail Energy- PE=M*G*H This is an example of Mechanical energy. It is an example becausse the weightlifeter applies a force on the barbell and it becomes potentail because it is not moveing and it is Mechanical Energy. Why It Is Mechanical Energy The End Thanks For Your Time and Corporation Any Qustions Please if you have Any Qustions Don't be Afraid to Ask. If Not.......
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