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OL PH 223 23:1-3

No description

Richard Datwyler

on 22 March 2016

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Transcript of OL PH 223 23:1-3

It is 165 cm from your eyes to your toes. you're standing 200 cm from a tall mirror. How far is it from your eyes to the image of your toes?
3.0 m
5.0 m
angle = ?
mid pt.
What is the angle to hit the mid point of the wall, if it reflects of the top?
x = 433 cm
165 + 400 = x
A 1.0 cm thick layer of water stands on a horizontal slab of glass ( n = 1.33 1.50 respectively) A light ray in the air is incident on the water 60 degrees form the normal. What is the rays direction in the glass?
The glass core of an optical fiber has an index of refraction 1.60. The index of refraction of the cladding is 1.48. What is the maximum angle a light ray can make with the wall of the core if it is to remain inside the fiber?
n = 1.52
n = 1.54

What is the angular spread?
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