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Phenomenology of Racial Embodiment

No description

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Phenomenology of Racial Embodiment

Phenomenology of Racial Embodiment
Is RACE really REAL?
How is the ALTERITY of the OTHER concretely experienced?
contemporary confusions about race
(1) racial classification [like mapmaking) as a means to create order & intelligibility in a suddenly enlarged world with increased diversity >>> first period of European conquest
(2) juxtaposition of these classification practices with an emerging liberal ideology espousing universalism
Visible differences to classify human types; yet these visible differences threatens LIBERAL UNIVERSALISTIC concepts of JUSTICE based on SAMENESS
Differences enclosed within TAXONOMY organised by a single logic (eg. IQ TESTS)
>>> Differences of KIND transformed into Differences of DEGREE
Ranking differences = works to nullify relativism & protect universalism

Critical race theory: largely dismantled naturalistic classification systems that reify human variability into moral categories & Eurocentric teleologies that justified colonialism
Realm of the (what is taken as self-evidently) VISIBLE = recognized as product of specific form of perceptual practice rather than the natural result of human sight
Anti-essentialism: visible difference NOT 'sign' of more fundamental difference
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