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Nseet Esmy

on 21 December 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

* cement industry in the world. .
* safety .
* quality.
* production .
* maintenance.
Cement industry in the world 2010
Germany (10)
29 894 000 ton
Italy (9)
36 000 000 ton
Egypt (7)
48 000 000 ton
USA (3)
67 176 000 ton
Turkey (4)
62 737 000 ton
Korea (8)
47 236 000 ton
China (1)
1 880 000 000 ton
India (2)
210 000 000 ton
Brazil (5)
59 118 000 ton
Iran (6)
50 000 000 ton
Group members:
1 - Eng: Osama Fathi.
2 - Eng: Aya Mohsen.
3 - Eng: Fatma Abubakr.
4 - Eng: Mahasen Mouhamed.
5 - Eng: Motaaz Montaser.


Our schedule
1- Safety Policy.
2- (PPE)
3- Safety symboles.
4- Zero Accident Approach.
5- 10 Safety Golden Rules.
1- Helmet: prevent the fall of objects/tools.

2- Saftey shoes: prevent the fall & the screw or nail insertion.

3- Goggles: prevent the dust ond the flying objects.

4- Uniform: protect from hazard.

5- Ear Muffs : protect ears .

6- gloves: protect from chemical, physical and thermal hazards.

1- I care about everyone's safety .

2- I take immediate action and report all unsafe situations .

3- I don't work on equipment unless it is stopped and locked-out.

4- a. after maintenance, I replace guards and covers .
b. before starting equipment, I check guards and cover.

5- I check and follow safety procedures for my work .

6- I wear my PPE.

7- I keep my workplace clean, tidy and safe

8- I respect signs, warnings and emergency signals .

9- I check my tools and equipment before using them .

10- I stay away from areas under suspended loads .
1- Regular maintenance .

2- mechanical maintenance.

what happens without regular
maintenance ?
1- the problem will Complicated.
2- I know nothing about the spare parts & souk.
3- the equipment may be stop working.
A- lubrication
B- equipments (filters, air slides, hummer mill, ball mill, crusher, kiln)
C- Raw Area
D- Cement & Packing
E- utilities.
mechanical Maintenance:
the objectives of maintenance:
1- To maintain the possibility of the plant to do the request function.

2- To save the plants value.

3- To pursue the plants improvement/updating and his own performances.

4- To contribute of man power safety and to preserve the environment.

5- To optimize resources costs and benefits.
hummer crusher:
ball mill
Air slide
1- EPF electro static precipitator filter.

2- Bag filter.

3- dynamic separator.
Bag filter
Dynamic separator
1-strength and binding test
To know strength and hardness for (mixer of cement with sand and water)

2-Setting time test
Used to calculate setting time and setting time for cement

3-blaine test :-
1- Chemical laboratory.

2- physical laboratory.

3- X-ray laboratory.
Used to know blaine of cement

4- chatelier test :-
To know expand of cement
5- sieve analysis:
as well as it’s aim as the previous
Lime Stone, Fluorspar and Sand
Raw Mix, Clinker feeder A&B
Kiln Feed , Cyclone , Cement Mill 4 , Gypsum mill
Packing A&B

Analysis Of

* Weight 10 gm of the material and put it in Grinding instrument to fine it for 120 second , Then put it in the Capsule to empty the Pores from the Sample and compress it very well.

* Put The Capsule Into The X-Ray instrument .

* For Every Sample We Find A program to analyze the Sample From
Si ,Cl ,Ca ,Mg ,Fe ,F ,Al .

Chemical Lab
Analysis Clinker Sample
2-Purity Of Limestone
1- SR %

2-Analysis Of Calcium, Magnesium, Alumina and Ferric (Ca-Mg-Fe2O3-Al2O3).

3- ( LOI) & (LSF).
* Weight 1gm Of Limestone sample (W1) and put the Sample into the kiln for 2h at 1050 C .

* Then Weight the Sample (W2).

* The Purity Calculated Like Below
Purity=(W1-W2)*100= ……% Of Cao

CaCO3 CaO + CO2
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