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AP Statistics

No description

Erinn Crider

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of AP Statistics

Method Participants Introduction Is there a relationship between unweighted GPA and the number of AP classes taken? Procedure Results Table of Observed Discussion -Null: No relationship
-Alternative: There is a relationship
-Assume Independence
-Reject the Null p<alpha
-Evidence suggests there is a relationship
-Graphs show there most students have GPA above 3 and 0 AP classes Ap Statistics 2nd Period Erinn Crider References -More jobs are requiring higher levels of education
-Unweighted GPA is used to chose students for college admission and scholarships
-AP classes prepare students for college, but are harder
-Should students (of all caliber) take AP classes?
-There have been no previous studies -344 participants. 92 entries were omitted due to errors or a lack of an answer
-The demographics of JBHS does not reflect the population of Cumberland County
-Highly military
-Only 20% receive free or reduced lunch
-15 AP exams are offered at JBHS
-Survey was predominantly non AP classes Materials -49 question survey
-Distributed to randomly chosen classrooms
-Students in 2nd and 3rd then entered all data into Exel -Teachers were randomly selected to receive the survey
-EOC and past refusals were excluded
-4 who were chosen refused
-I used question 20 and 33
-I did a Chi-Squared test and used two bar graphs. Conclusion Table of Expected *Catagories were combined to have no more than 20% of expected equal less than 5 P-Value 5.2921x10 ^-8 -Students attending Jack Britt High School who wish to have a higher GPA, and thereby appear attractive to colleges and scholarship committees, should take fewer AP classes.

-More studies can be done blocking for IQ in students prior to high school.
-More info could be gathered about how colleges view unweighted versus weighted GPA Appendix http://theoracle.glenbrook225.org/features/2013/04/19/south-students-take-ap-tests-without-enrolling-in-ap-classes/ *Spoiler - (yes)
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