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Hispanic Customs and Traditions Prezi

~~~for school~~~

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on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Hispanic Customs and Traditions Prezi

In about 25 years, the Hispanic culture will be the majority in the USA. The Latino heritage is a fast growing group of the population that is very proud of their beliefs. The latino and Hispanic are known for its very distinct types of traditions. Most Hispanic customs are annual and have a very deep meaning in the Hispanic community. Two lovely 7th grade students in 5-6 period GT ILA with Mrs. Gilson have gathered a bunch of information about hispanic culture, so that other students out there can learn.
Hispanic Customs and Traditions - The Basics
General Family Dynamics and Beliefs
Hispanic family dynamics consist of a generally large and extended family's system of beliefs. Hispanics believe that youngsters should respect elders. Names throughout a family have some sort of relation to the members of the past family generation. A family of the Latino orgin usually meet together once every month to dance, eat, share stories, and grill. This weekend event is called an "Asado".
Hispanic traditions consist of colorful, lively events. Most Hispanic traditions involve a special family event such as a wedding, birthday, or general family celebration. Events such as the hitting of a pinata or celebrating all Saint's day (also known as the day of the dead) are very common amongst Hispanic families. Cinco de Mayo is also an annual event widely celebrated by families of Latino heritage.
Cinco de Mayo - On May 5th, Mexican people celebrate the day independence was won against France. Apparently they still won even though they were wildly outnumbered by the French forces. On this day there is always a lot of festivities going on.
All Soul's Day - On November 2nd, the Day of the Dead is celebrated throughout the Latino race. Many traditional rituals are performed on this day.
Navidad - Basically Christmas.
The End!
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Thanks! Be sure to check out my other prezis!
A colab between Grant C. and Matthew Z.
Thanks to Matthew and Grant for this informative prezi!

Thanks to all the fantastic sources of information!

Thanks to all the fantastic sources of picture-ness!

Thanks to Mrs. Gilson, our awesome ILA teacher!

Thanks to Sandra Cisneros for the book behind the prezi!

Thanks to all those synonyms for "good"!

And above all, thanks to the Prezi team for this amazing program!
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The book behind the prezi
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A real word
The Latino society is a large group of people that have an extremely long-held belief system. Everyone in the Hispanic heritage takes enormous pride for their traditions, and it makes sense that after all these years of growth and celebration, the Spanish are taking over. Many people may not understand why they do the things they do, but the Latino people know, and that's really all that counts.
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Along with all that, there are a bunch of other things in which I don't have enough space to cover here. But I'll tell you this - they usually involve a lot of liveliness and colorfulness.
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Note: This is not Asado.
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