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5 Themes of Geography: Costa Rica

No description

Brachy Andrade

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of 5 Themes of Geography: Costa Rica

5 Themes of Geography
Exact Location-
9° 55' 37'' N, 84° 04' 55''W
(San Jose)
Relative Location-
It is south of Nicaragua
and to the north of Panama
Costa Rica varies in many physical features:
-mountain peaks
-Warm beaches
-waterfalls and hot springs
-rich green valleys and rainforests
la feria
Costa Rica is known for the phrase "Pura Vida", its polite and friendly people and for its natural beauty.
Surfing is a way of life in Costa Rica.
Human Environment Interaction
-Imports: industry and mining materials,
consumer goods from Mex, U.S, Ven, Japan, and Canada.
-Exports: coffee, bananas, sugar, cocoa, and cattle and meat products-all commodities vulnerable to world market prices.
Over 25% of Costa Rica is set aside
to preserve wildlife and rainforest.
- a paticular place or positon
-an area where physical features
and emotion tie together, special characteristics
-an area where physical features
and emotion tie together, special characteristic
-a big area of land that has physical, and, cultural characteristics that make it unique.
people, products, information and ideas move from one place to another.
-how we interact with our environment; adapt
Costa Rica is a nation in Latin America, located on the isthmus of Central America and north of the Equator. Costa Rica borders both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, with 1,290 kilometers of coastline.
La Feria
In Costa Rica the warm beaches are used for good tourist sites. They also use rain forests as attraction sites, like in San Jose. The volcanic areas are also a big attraction for visitors.
Dragon Fruit
Brachy Andrade
6th Period
Celeste River
Museo De Cultura Popular
Costa Rica's National Theater
Central Valley
Northern Pacific
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