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Helping hand for Guimaras!

No description

Mikki Pospech

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Helping hand for Guimaras!

Helping hand for Guimaras!
I am learning to be human, we are learning to be people…
Introducing the project:
It is a unique project of an international cooperation between the Czech Republic and the Philippines under the patronage of MGO.

This great idea was created by a family of one of our students, who decided to move to the Philippines, exactly on the island of Guimaras, which the whole project is concerned about.
Guimaras is one of many Philippine islands. The island is not that large – it is only 2,5 times bigger than Ostrava city.
It is a less developed area with unpolluted nature, organic food and fruit, which is the sweetest in the world.
Information about the island:
Good Shepherd Academy is a school located on the island of Guimaras and children who are between 4 and 12 years of age attend it. If you looked for a nursery school here, your search would go in vain. Therefore also the youngest children have to attend this school together with their older schoolmates. There are over 100 children in the school.
In their school students are learning seven subjects such as English, Filipino, Math, Science but also PE and History.
But what is the aim of the project?
It is to help the school which is in a really bad condition and its financial resources do not allow it to provide everything the students need.
Our goal is to improve their life conditions.
During the first stage we are collecting study materials and other equipment. Students are becoming a part of the project and they are collecting various school equipment for the first delivery, which will be delivered to the Philippine Embassy in Prague in the middle of December. From there it will be sent to Guimaras. The delivery could get to the kids right before Christmas.
What to send?
Exercise books.
Biros, pencils, crayons
Erasers, sharpeners, scissors,
Rulers, compasses
Paint, brushes
Colour paper, carton
English fairy-tale books and CDs
Colouring-in books
… and many other things

How can we help and what can we send?
With the help of the parents of our student and local residents we guarantee enough photographs and videos of the transfer of the help. So we can also guarantee that all the bought school equipment will get right to the children who need it.
The project is not part of any other big organization, that is why our students know exactly who they are helping. The family of our student is in daily touch with the local citizen on the island, who works as a coordinator of the project and who is able to tell us what the children need and what can help them with their education.
But that is not all…
It is not our point to make this campaign one-sided or one-off. We would like to cooperate with this school even in the future. In the second phase we want to focus not only on the school equipment but also on other things which could make their days at school more pleasant. There are many possibilities including children´s games, jumping ropes, balls etc.
A form of a feedback could be an import of dried fruit as well as many tropical and for us unknown fruit (rambutans, mangos, papayas, coconuts...).
These kinds of fruit could be transported to the Czech Republic in dry form and could be sold right at our school. The profit would go to Guimaras and would be used for building a brand new and safe school building.
And a small bait at the end!
In the future, we also consider the option of the trip of our students to the island, where they could join the project and give a helping hand.
Also they would have an option to learn about the unique culture of the island of Guimaras and to see that their help was useful.
You can join in and help with us!
Every idea is very welcome!!! :)
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