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Raising Cultural Consciousness

by Kumaravadivelu

Maria Pia Lopez Alurralde

on 30 September 2012

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Transcript of Raising Cultural Consciousness

CULTURE Culture Societal construct culture Personal Construct RAISING CULTURAL CONSCIOUSNESS "C" creative endeavours "c" Patterns of behaviour, values, and beliefs
that guide the everyday life of an
individual or a group of individuals
within a cultural community Historically... "C" L2 Learning and teaching ("Hidden Curriculum") Culture teaching includes H.H. Stern: Cognitive component Afffective
Component Behavioural
"One of the most important aims of culture teaching is to help the learner gain an understanding of the native speaker's
perspective" LIMITED VIEW! Cultural identity =
National or Linguistic
Identity Ignores diversity of world views that learners bring to the classroom Recent explorations by L2 educationists Different view Human beings interpret their cross-cultural experiences, and how they construct meaning in cross-cultural encounters "Expanding one's repertoire of experiences and behaviors, not subtracting anything" "Cultural Versatility" ROBINSON (1985) Robinson (1991) Theory of 2nd Culture Acquisition: "Color Purple"

One's own cultural lens = blue

+ Different person cultural lens = red Kramsch (1993) "Third culture" Conceptual space that recognizes the L2 classroom as the site of intersection of multiple worlds of discourse. Kumaravadivelu
Critical Cultural Consciousness A true understanding of the dynamics of the L2 classroom can emerge only through It enables one to learn and grow, to change and evolve, so as to meet the challenges of today's emerging global reality
Critical self - reflection Teachers and Learners
as Cultural Informants + (Native Speaker) + Raising critical cultural consciousness entails going beyond the textbook's frame of reference and attempting to bring the learner's home community into the classroom experience.
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