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Mobile App Promotion

No description

Jacob Ilin

on 8 November 2014

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Transcript of Mobile App Promotion

Use beta-test platforms
CPI: AppBrain, GetJar, Opera Turbo Promotion, Flurry, Tapjoy, etc.
CPC: AdMob, Jamptap, Mobclix, etc.
CPSU: Pontiflex

Social Networks: Facebook, Vk.com
Banners: BuySellAds.com

Advertising sheds light on your projects and shows them to the world.
Before we start!
Tell your friends and community about your project! Think about all who're gonna potentially be your first users.

Special offers, for example, the first people to try the app, will get access to special features.

Send press-release and review requests. We ask that you do not write anything before the deadline of the release.
Leaks and the fake pirated version
People always look for revealing information! Letting certain things slip is a good way to get the users' attention.
Run crowdfunding campaign
Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, GoFundMe, etc.

Crowdfunding is a great way to promote your app. Look for like-minded people to help share and develop your idea.
Contests and grants!
Samsung Smart App Challenge, Tech Days Contests, Web Ready, etc.


Competitions are always enlightening...Promote your app by rubbing elbows with the best at Hackathons.
Mobile App Promotion
Thank you!
Developer Support Program
Tell your Development Story!

Share sales statistics!

Share your knowledge!

Tell world about your project!
A good way to get feedback and prompt word of mouth! It’s the best mechanism for generating high quality sales!

Betali.st and others
App Store's price drop!

Free app of the day campaigns!
Free for a limited time! Price drop!
Forums and Social Network Groups!
Build your own community!

Be close to audience.

Thematic communities!
Send Review Requests to journalists
on your own

using service iSpreadNews.com
Send Press Releases




Special App Store Section



Skype Teachers



Prizes Giveaway
Promo codes


Gift cards

Prizes for missions

Alternative App Stores
50+ Android App Stores only in China!

30-40% downloads increase

Concrete App Store Featuring

Pre-installs give additional users


Special Programs
Optimize App Store Descriptions and Screens

Like landing page

SEO - optimized

Call to action

Landing Page
With press kits

With target links
Open Source
Make part of your code Open Source
House Ads
Traffic Exchange
Jacob Ilin

50+ mobile apps developed and owned
10 million downloads on GlowPuzzle
Earned $300K+ on mobile Ads
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/yakov-ilin/30/66b/b61
Rate me prompt!
Users' Ratings are very important!
Follow Trends!
Tech trends!

App Store's trends!

Other trends!

Success happens!
Way to success: Fail - Fail - ... - Still Fail - Success!
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