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Figurative Language

No description

Kerry Fizer

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Figurative Language

It's raining cats and dogs!
Figurative language can be seen everywhere.
You've created PowerPoints before and seen them used by your teachers, now you're going to create your own presentation, but this time using Prezi on the figurative language device you randomly drew.

If you can teach it,
you know it!
Your Turn
Content and Common Core Standards
You've been exposed to figurative language since you were born. Believe it or not, you and your parents, friends, relatives, teachers, and just about anyone you encounter use figurative language everyday.
Pretest vs. Postest
After comparing the pretests and posttests, it has been determined that more attention needs to be given to figurative language.
Why Use Prezi
Used for any type of presentation
Prezi Creation
Figurative Language
Impress your professors
More creative alternative to PowerPoint
Welcomed in high school and college classes
Web based (work from any computer, tablet, etc. that has internet access) No more lost jumpdrives!!
The state and national governments believe that figurative language is so important that they added it to the standards that teachers have to use when planning their curriculum. You begin REALLY learning what figurative language is as early as the 3rd. grade!
Research the figurative language device you drew from the cup.
Find at least 3 quotes from literary documents: novels, poems, children's books, historical documents, etc. to add to your presentation.
Imbed a YouTube video into your presentation that aids in teaching about your figurative language device.
Create a 5 question quiz at the end of your presentation that your classmates will take after you present.
1. Breathe and have fun!
2. Gather your ideas.
3. Rewatch tutorial video if you
have to.
4. Utilize the Google search
engine for research.
5. Do not copy and paste it's
plagiarism (Illegal, Illegal, Illegal!)
6. Create questions that
make classmates think.
7. Help one another.
8. Be creative, but keep it simple.
9. Think about things you want to know.
10. Ask Ms. Carrico

I CAN!!!
I can build upon what I know about figurative language and create an online presentation to teach others what I know.
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