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Operation Pied Piper: Evacuees to North Wales

No description

Staci Jones

on 21 March 2018

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Transcript of Operation Pied Piper: Evacuees to North Wales

Operation Pied Piper: Evacuees to North Wales
Oral Interviews
Problems I have encountered
Problems I may encounter

Example of questions I will ask :

When where you evacuated?
Age and to where?
Were you evacuated with your school - if so, name of the school
Were you placed in the same class room as Welsh children
Was it an alienating experience
Did you make friends with local children
was was the most daunting experience?
Educational Reports
"Education of Evacuated Children" E.O. Humphreys, Education Office, Langefni, 27.11.1939 (Bangor Archives 4594)
" Report of the Organiser of Infant's Schoolsand Language Training" Caernarvonshire Education Comittee 1940 (Bangor Archives BMSS/39312)
Griffith Davies, Billeting Officer in Beaumaris
What is Operation Pied Piper?

Why have I chosen it?

Evacuation of Children From Liverpool.
What do I hope to Acheive?
Letter to Councillor Owen Edwards J.P, May 1939 (from Cardiff) (BA/5260)
"A few notes on evacuees in Snowdonia" taken from an article in the Daily Mirror, 1942 (BMSS/39312)
Letters Between Ada Lucy and her son (Liverpool Archives, 940LUC & 940 LUC/1)
Overall Interpretation
Most looked at is education reports and letters
Oral Interviews (January to Early March
Education Reports
Letter to publishers
School Logs
Example of a Billeting Form
List of Houses
that took in
Evacuees and
Education Reports
Caernarvonshire - Integration
Education of Evacuated Children - Schools, limits and salary
New insight into the evacuee experience
Educational impacts
Inegration into Welsh Culture, did they adopt a sense of both English and Welsh Pride?
Arrival of Evacuees to North Wales (National Library of Wales)
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