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Luxury Brands Management

Perrier Joulet

Joti Narayan

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Luxury Brands Management

Table of Contents Brand Overview
Brand Extension into the Fiji Islands through existing Hotel & Resort Market
Market Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Event Launch, Event Details & Phase of Launch
Communication Strategy
Conclusion & Recommendations Brand Overview Brand Image & Positioning Brand Extension in the Fiji Islands Market Analysis
of the Fiji Islands Perrier-Jouet Belle Epoque Launch - Fiji Islands No.1 worldwide in Premium and Prestige Spirits

Brand Value:
- 8,215 M Euro in net sales
- 2,114 M Euro in profit from
recurring operations
- 1,1,46 M Euro in Group Net Profit
- 18,777 employees
- 75 Market Companies covering 4 regions
- 98 Production sites Communication Plan Competitor Analysis Not yet entered the Fijian Market Mainstream Luxury Personalised Luxury Competitive Edge Vintage Conclusion & Recommendations - Maintaining the Brand in the Fijian Market
- Product availability
- Financing inventories
- Pull marketing
- Cultural Differences
- Partnership and relationship between Perrier Jouet & Hotel Brand
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