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Collective Impact

No description

Socialt Udviklingscenter SUS

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of Collective Impact

Stanford Social Innovation
FSG - Amerikansk
konsulent virksomhed.

Europæisk kontor i Geneve.
Mødte dem i NY efteråret 2013.

I Europa mest kendt for 'katalystisk filantropi'.

'Over sea' repræsenterer Collective Impact en ny, markant tilgang til mere effektfulde samarbejder og iøjnefaldende resultater.
Discovering Better Ways to Solve Social Problems
Vancouver - april 2014
Leading a Backbone Organization for Collective Impact.
Champions for Change...
Collective Impact er...
Collective Impact
"Collective impact is an approach that is often easy to understand but difficult to put into practice. And yet, for all that, it has gained significant support in a short time.

Collective impact requires a fundamental shift in thinking and the willingness to invest in process in addition to outcomes. But for those who have grasped its potential, the rewards in terms of progress made have been unquestionable."

Collective Impact
En ny tilgang til at løse komplekse sociale udfordringer
En ny - og stærkere måde - at arbejde på
Backbone organisationens roller:
Problemdrevet filantropi
"Progress moves in the speed of trust"
New York State Juvenile System
From cradle too career in Cincinnati.
GAIN - The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition
Kakaobønder i Mellemamerika
Western Massachusetts - drugs and alcohol
"Collective Impact is a commitment of a group of important actors from different sectors to a commom agenda for solving a specific social problem."
Learning Pods and Walls
Enkle problemer
Komplicerede problemer
Komplekse problemer
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