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The Picture of Dorian Gray

No description

Mitchell Grantham

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of The Picture of Dorian Gray

The Picture of Dorian Gray
Oscar Wilde
Oscar Wilde attended Oxford and grew to fame as a talented poet. His strong aesthetic personality showed in his writing.
"Genius is born--not paid."
-Oscar Wilde
Time Period
This story was not originally accepted in 1890. Despite the negativity, however, Wilde saw what he wrote as beautiful, and had it published anyway.
Main Character Background
Dorian Gray: A young but rich man.
Basil Hallward: A painter.
Lord Henry Wotton: A rich lord.
Sibyl Vane: A young actress.
Plot Summary
Lord Henry negatively influences and ruins Dorian's innocence. Dorian wishes a painting will age instead of him. It takes on his faults, grief, and age.
Work Cited
Lord Henry
Sibyl Vane
Basil Hallward
Dorian Gray
Basil is the man who painted the infamous portrait of Dorian. He was Dorian’s best friend and technically Dorian’s first murder victim.
Basil Hallward
Lord Henry was the reason for Dorian’s downfall and ultimate suicide. Had Dorian heeded Basil’s warnings about Henry’s negative influence, he could have lived happily.
Lord Henry Wotton
Sibyl was a simple young girl without much life experience. All she had ever known was the theater, and upon meeting Dorian, fell madly in love.
Sibyl Vane
Dorian Gray is a beautiful, but troubled young man. He wishes for a painting Basil has created of him, to age in place of himself.
Dorian Gray
Good vs. Evil: Dorian is in conflict with the two different sides of himself.
Beauty and Youth: Dorian believes that beauty lies in the youth of a person
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