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TAN OED 2010

A Welcome Note for Staff!

Patti Thom

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of TAN OED 2010

Getting to Camp WhPack Light and remember you will be moving from week to week!
Clipboard with a pen attached
T shirts
Sleeping bag and pillow
Good shoes (No open toed shoes)
Bathing suit (wishful ;) )
Good rainwear
Coffee mug
Water bottle
Back pocket games
Flashlight with batteries
Bug spray and sunscreen
Cell phone or phone card
Mittens, touque
Alarm clock
Musical instrument
at to Bring to Camp

WELCOME TO OED! What lies ahead? WHAT TO BRING! As a Staff member you are responsible to get to and from camp. We ask you to do this early and to try to car pool where you can. Sometimes this means that you need to be the driver that can mean finding someone that is willing to take you and some friends up. There is usually room on the school buses that go back to Oakville and Burlington on the Friday of each week.
You need to be at Cache Lake by 2pm
Take 401 to 400 north
400 north to hwy 11
hwy 11 to hwy 60
hwy to Algonquin Park
go to KM 25 inside the Park and look for Cache Lake Landing
Cache Lake is on your right side
We will meet you there and take you to camp by boat
PLEASE be sure to ask for a parking pass when you get to the landing

If you are being picked up on Friday-we say 12 noon at Cache Lake
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