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Titles in Other Texts

Basic Rules for Punctuating Titles in Essays and Other Work

David Keck

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Titles in Other Texts

Titles in Your Text When you drop the title of something into your own writing, it's important to mark that the title is not part of the rest of the sentence. Italics for Whole Works Quotation Marks for Poems, Chapters, and Articles. Keeping Things Clear The titles of whole, long works are italicized (or underline if you are writing by hand). Italicize the titles of movies, TV shows, books, magazines, newspapers, a poem published as its own book, etc.. Put the titles of short works like poems, articles, essays, and songs in quotation marks. The Whole Newspaper in Italics A single article in quotation marks. An Example?
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