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Adventures in Change Management: Getting Everyone on the Same Page

A change management process driven by ITIL, a website that gives internal visibility to changes, a comprehensive communication plan and regular change advisory board meetings have transformed changes at CU-Boulder.

Anna Cook

on 10 March 2015

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Transcript of Adventures in Change Management: Getting Everyone on the Same Page

Adventures in Change Management
Getting Everyone on the Same Page

Flagship university of Colorado
Founded in 1876
Research 1
5 Nobel Laureates
30,000 students
150 fields of study
Life Before Change
The Tools & Processes
Getting on the Same Page
Change Advisory Board

• Change Management Website documents changes

• Review scheduling and impacts

• Collective knowledge improves change success
Office of Information Technology
University of Colorado Boulder
• Some
changes hidden
from the light

in silos

What expectations?
No Consistency
Foundation for Change
Incremental Building Process
ITIL as a guide to change
Service Catalog Framework
Centralized IT:

OIT is primary provider of IT services & support on the CU-Boulder campus
180 Full-time OIT employees
350 Departmental Computer Support Liaisons
SLAs and Maintenance Windows
Change Management Process Owner
a.k.a. Change Guru
Change Parameters Define Communication

• Risk
• Impact
• Reason
• Trust
• Synergy
• Coordination
• Consistency
• Well-defined expectations
• Happiness
To access this Prezi, follow the URL below!
And The Results Are...
Service Alerts @ http://www.colorado.edu/oit/service-alerts
• One place to go for changes that impact customers
• Sign up for Service Alert feed
Thank you for participating
Approved by management
Implemented w/ minimized or accepted risk
ITIL defines change as
Definition of Change
New status of configuration item
Provides increased value
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