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Iranian Music Industry

Culture Project 3 هما

hannah fox

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of Iranian Music Industry

Culture Project 3
Contemporary Era
Pop Music Industry in Iran

Current Pop Music
Industry in Iran

Pop Music Industry before
1979 Revolution in Iran
Pop Music became a symbol of Mohammad Reza Shah's dictatorship
Impact of musicians in Los Angeles on the Iran-produced music industry
Iranian Music Industry:
Underground music scene in Iran (different styles of music including: pop, rock, hip hop, jazz, blues, etc.)
Rebirth of Pop Music in Iran:
Popular Bands
First Recording Studio
Branded as Western, un-Islamic, un-Iranian, etc.
Migration of musicians and singers to Los Angeles
Morale of Iranian musicians and the effects that the public opinion/pressure had on artists
Public opinion of Iranian music
What happened to the Iranian Music Industry after the Revolution?
Radio Stations and TV Broadcasts
Under the Influence
Imports of LA produced music to Iran (restrictions, numbers, etc.)
Heads of LA music studios decide style, trend and course of Iranian pop music in Iran
Under Scrutiny
Impact of the 1979 Revolution:
Risks associated with production of prohibited music
Introduction of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance (Ershad) and control by state-run TV and radio (Seda Sena)
Current regulations regarding music production and approval process for Ershad
Regulations regarding women's roles/exclusions within the current music industry
Sirvan Khosravi: first domestic Iranian artist to get high-rotation airplay on a regular radio station in Europe
Arian Band, the first Persian Pop music band, was formed after the Iranian revolution and have had huge success since then
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