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Emperor Penguins


Abigale Derusha

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Emperor Penguins

By: Abigale Derusha Emperor Penguins What do They Eat? What do Emperor Penguins Look Like? It has black feathers, a white patch of feathers on its belly and neck,and a yellow patch of feathers behind their eyes.

They have a beak 8-9 cm. long.

When they are adults, their flipper is 30-40cm. long.

They can grow up to be about 45 in. tall.

Usually them weighing at about 80 Ibs.

They have a wing span of about 8-9 in.. What is an Emperor Penguin? Did you know that Emperor Penguins can hold their breath under water for 22 minutes?

They store oxygen in their body before they go under water so they can breath on that air.

The Emperor Penguin is the largest species of penguin.

It is the 5th heaviest bird in the world. The Youngens The youngens, meaning the baby penguins, are hatched from an egg.
The female produces the egg and the male has to keep in warm.
The usual breeding time is April-Dec.

This is a very big task for the males, they take it very seriously .
It takes about 65 days of keeping the egg warm before it hatches, and for all those 65 days straight, the male does not eat, drink, or move.

The egg the male sits upon is in a sort of pear shape.

Eggs weigh about 1 pound.

The baby penguins look gray, black, and white. Fun Facts! Their feathers are water proof. The History of Emperor Penguins Emperor Penguins have been around for more than 15 million years.
The biggest skeleton of the Emperor Penguin was found in Peru.
Emperor Penguins have usually around 70 bones.

The oldest living Emperor Penguin lived to be over 40 years old.
The Emperor Penguin's place in the Animal Kingdom is the birds category. Closing In conclusion, in this project I learned a lot about Emperor Penguins, and i think they are very interesting. If i didn't do this project, i would have never known that Emperor Penguins can hold their breath for 22 minutes under water. Bibliographies Kashmira Lan, Jan. 2013, Emperor Penguins, Buzzle Their favorite food is fish.

They like squid when they like to go on a diet.

They have to catch their prey to eat it.

They dive in the water 500m just to catch a fish!

Penguins, aren't the most shareful animals with each other, if they caught the prey, its theirs and they eat it, but a lot of the time they do share with their family. Pop. 500,000. Pete and Barb, June 2011, Emperor Penguins, Siec.k12.in.us Nacional Geographic, Dec.2012, Emperor Penguins, Nacional Geographic Sientific name is Aptenody Forsteri. Penguins usually stay in groups. Sacramento Zoo, Jan.2013, Emperor Penguins, Saczoo.org All about Emperor Penguins It is a carnivore,so it eats a lot of meat.

They live in Antarctica, in the coldest climate on earth.

They live in -60* Celsius.

Also, they are one of the few species of bird that are flightless.
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