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Coraline- book VS movie!

No description

fatima dahar

on 9 June 2016

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Transcript of Coraline- book VS movie!

The novel

coralline was first a book and then transformed in to a movie. The book and the movie have many differences. There were a lot of additions in and deletions in the movie which were not quite in the book. Example: Wibiey- he was not mentioned in the book anywhere at all. he was added to the movie...
additions in movie
Coralline is a book about a little girl girl who gets trapped in an other world with her other mother.Everything is strange because everyone has button eyes! coralline is also transformed into a movie to show more in detail of what the characters look like and how they act...
Additions in the movie
these are some of the additions that i noticed in the movie which weren't in the book:

the gloves were green instead of orange
Mr. B's name
the indenticall doll of Coralline
the other father made Coralline's face with flowers in the backyard
the beetle chair of Coralline
coralline was trying to find buttons instead of finding souls
in the book
deletions from the movie:

she didn't have a tea party with the dolls
the cellar
Coralline's mother didn't hang the keys, instead they were in a drawer
the old tennis court
character descriptions
Coralline looked similar to what i had expected when i was reading the book, but the other/rest were not quite the same. For example: The Other mother, i didn't expect her to grow taller like that when she was mad/ angry at Coralline.
in the book, Coralline was described having black hair, but in the movie she was displayed with blue hair
the other mother was described nice in the book, but in the movie she wasn't ' That' nice
in the movie, the little flies in Coralline's other room were supposed to be mice
Coralline- book VS movie!

Wybie, the boy who helped Coralline escape
The other mother swallowed the key
Coralline's identical doll
The novel didn't start with someone sewing up a doll
When Coralline's other mother was angry she grabbed her from the nose
she was trying to find the buttons in the movie,but in the book she is looking for the souls
The name of Mr.B wasn't mentioned in the book till the end.
The book came out before the movie so the book didn't have any additions because it was original. These are the comparisons:

in the book Coralline seemed nice but in the movie she was negative

it wasn't mentioned in the book that when the other mothers throws coralline in the mirror she doesn't grab Coralline from the nose
in the movie Coralline calls the man Mr. B but in the book she finds out that his name is Mr. Bobo
these are some of the things to compare from the movie with the book

relationships between characters
the relationship between Coralline and her:
other mother; The other mother is very nice but when Coralline doesn't listen, she becomes angry
other father; The other father is very nice to Coralline, and is under control of the other mother
THE Relationship between the other parents: The other mother pretends to be nice to other father in front of Coralline, but keeps him under control whenever she isn't around
THE relationship between Coralline's real parents: they respect, trust and show alot of kindness to each other and towards Coralline
THE Relationship between Miss Spink and Miss Forcible: they are nice to Coralline but they seem strange to coralline
the relationship between Coralline and Wibiey: they are friends but wibiey seems annoying to Coralline

the nice one
when angry, she becomes rude and the tall one! Trust me, this wasn't a part of the book!
These were some of the themes that were mostly found in Coralline:
choices- these were some really common themes for me that i found in Coraline.
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