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Melanie Martinez

No description

Novaley Rushton

on 15 February 2016

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Transcript of Melanie Martinez

Why I Picked Melanie
Melanie's Genres

:Dark Wave, Electropop and Inde Pop:
Melanie's History
(Before Fame)
The reason why i picked Melanie Martenz for this music project was beacuse I personaliy think that melanie is a very different/Unique from all the other singers. I love how in all her songs she is telling a story for example her album cry baby is basiclly a story about a little girl (Based on melanie) who is very fragialy and gose through a series of emotanal events with a taste of adult sigueations.. I also really how melanie writes her own songs and i love how all songs are soulful there deep and meaningful. i feel like when you leison o her songs it puts my soul at peace beacuse she expresses her feelings so much in her songs in a unique way its quite beautiful actally. I am proud to say that melanie martniez is singer

Musical Infulence
Melanie grew up listeningto her father's Beatles records. She also expresses her love for
Muddy Watters, she says she could
''Sing and dance to every song". But melanies biggest infulines is her grand-mother she left a big impact on her life and she part of the reason
why melanies a

In 2012 Melanie was
a contestant on Season 3 of The
Voice, she became apart of team
Adam.Unfortunatly, she was
eliminated in the top 6, but she
was one of the most popular
performers that came out in that season.
Singer Songewriter
Melanie Adele Martinez
Melanies Albums
"Dollhouse" EP was Melanie's first big release, was released May 19 of 2014. This album was about a love story, but in the end it dosnt 't turn out right. It is in different themes such as carousel, is to show a state of feeling in love with someone and being stuck in the same ride. The song "Dead to Me" is an after math of carousel. And "Bittersweet Tragedy sums up the whole EP Cry baby was her second album, it was released August 14 of 2015 The album "Cry Baby" is actually a fantasy
version of Melane it represents her sensitive side and Dark side. Each song on
the tracklist is titled something
childhood-related. but the lyrics are adult situations

- Melanie collects vintage dolls/toys

- When melanie performs, she never wears shoes she
usually wears lacy socks.
-Melanie's first word was 'Mine', after her dad
took her push pop
-Melanie's song carousel was featured in one of my
favorite shows "American Horror
Story Season 4; Freak Show"
-When Melanie was 15 she watched "101 Dolmations" for the first time, she then realized she was in love with Curella De Viel's hair, and ever since then she's been dying her hair two different colours.
Facts About
Melanie Martinez
Born April 28
1995 in Baldwin, New York
(Baby Melanie)
(5 and 7 years old)
(16 years old)
(20 years old)
Melaies Musical
My Favotie
Melanie Martinez Songs
Sippy cup was relested july 31 2015 this song focoes on ''Cry babys'' mother and how she drnks syrup/alcohol out of a sippy cup Mrs potato head was releasesed agust 14 2015 this song is about women getting plastic surgery and they turn into a mrs potato head making changes to there faces all the time as if they were the mrs potato head toys themselfs. the songs also lking about being beautiful no matter what and you have to learn to be confident and comfurble in your own skin. Dollhouse was relaesed feduary 9 2014 this song is about how a family looks perfect on the ouside but is very desfuntional on the inside and has to pretend to be perfect. The reasons why i like thses songs is becuse they have a great beat and having a great meanings

And now the last slide. I have perpared a video
with some of her songs mashed up in one video this is inspired by melaie martniez. Hope you enjoy!!
Last Slide!!!
Like i said melanies musical genre is dark wave, electron pop and inde pop and fun fact shes inspired to use toy sounds in her songs and makes her vocie sound really unique
Pity Party
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