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High School

No description

Meagan Sullivan

on 25 April 2018

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Transcript of High School

Application Process
You can download an application on the school’s website or get an application folder direct from the school
Some schools have online applications
Please make sure you are aware of all deadlines
Some schools require written responses from the students and parents

Forms that need to be turned into St. Dominic
Transcript release form
Turn in to Mrs. Nuno in the office
A release form needs to be turned in for each school
Recommendation Forms
Please turn to the back of your handout for instructions on how to turn in recommendation forms

Most schools require the HSPT, some the ISEE
Highly encouraged to purchase a prep book and take timed practice tests
When you apply to the school, you will also be signed up for the HSPT
The HSPT is usually at the end of January on a Saturday and offered multiple weekends (January 21st and 30th this year)
Take the HSPT at your number one choice school
The HSPT only needs to be taken ONCE and the scores can then be sent to other high schools
Some schools require students to take the HSPT at their high school to be eligible for scholarships

Choosing what High School's to apply to
Research on the high school’s websites
Attend open houses and High School Nights
Tuesday, October 17th at 7:00 PM
Recommended to apply to AT LEAST two schools

Most schools require an interview with the student, some also will interview the parents
Students should wear their uniforms and present their best selves
Some schools have their interviews after the HSPT

High School Information Meeting
Please pick up a handout!
Choosing a High School
Application Process
Forms that need to be turned in
Financial Aid
Financial Aid
Each high school has different financial aid options
Some schools only give scholarships
Scholarships are heavily based on the HSPT
Check with each school about their financial aid program
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