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Common Core State Standards

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Timmy Klos

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Common Core State Standards

What is Common Core State Standards? Comprehension and Collaboration & Presentation of Knowledge and Ideas My response to CCSS The Great Debaters -Present information, findings, and supporting evidence clearly, concisely, and logically such that listeners can follow the line of reasoning and the organization, development, substance, and style are appropriate to purpose, audience, and task.
-Make strategic use of digital media in presentations to enhance understanding of findings, reasoning, and evidence and to add interest.
-Adapt speech to a variety of contexts and tasks.
-Integrate multiple sources of information.
-Evaluate a speaker’s point of view, reasoning, and use of evidence and rhetoric, identifying any fallacious reasoning or exaggerated or distorted evidence.
-Come to discussions prepared, having read and researched material under study; explicitly draw on that preparation by referring to evidence from texts and other research on the topic or issue to stimulate a thoughtful, well-reasoned exchange of ideas. Comprehension and Collaboration: I have met the requirements in this section of the common core standards because in our one through five minute speeches, I came prepared, I knew what I was talking about, and I most definitely engaged my audience, because I knew what I was talking about. In my presentation about Whitney Elizabeth Houston, I was informing my audience about her and giving them my opinion on what I thought of her. I know for a fact that all of Mrs. Handy’s classes were intrigued with my presentation on Whitney Houston because when I was presenting my audiences kept eye contact with me, none of them were rude, they let me have their undivided attention, and my audience did not interrupt me, when I was sharing my information about a Legend. After I presented my presentation, my audience may have had a different view point on Whitney Houston, but I know for a fact that each and every one of them learned something new that day about Whitney Houston. In the movie “The Great Debaters,” this movie was about an all African-American college, Wiley College, in Texas, and there’s a group of children who debate with nearby colleges to find out who the best debater is, and they face some harsh challenges on their road of success, when traveling to Harvard University after defeating the other schools, and they get a chance to debate with Harvard University who are undefeated and a white college, they are the first to challenge them, and on their way to their they see these white men lynching an African-American for no reason at all. The white people were trying to discourage them, but the group pulled together and when they arrived to Harvard, they were debating against them and defeated the undefeated college. The Common Core State Standards Initiative is a U.S. education initiative that seeks to bring diverse state curriculum into alignment with each other by following the principles of standards-based education reform. Presentation of Knowledge and Skills:. I have met this requirement too because in my presentation I put out my ideas clearly also where my audience could take in the information and follow my view point concisely. I strategically made use of photos and videos in my presentation, so I can get the audience engaged in it, but also in the same note, the audience could feel as they can relate to a certain photo or video. I feel as the photos and videos can catch the attention of your audience because when you are up there speaking, the audience may lose interest and start to space out, so if you have visuals you can bring them back to reality and if you explain something, the audience may not comprehend it, so if there is a photo or video they can comprehend it better. I added variety to my presentation because I spoke about Whitney Houston’s early life, biography, her movies, her family, her death, when you summarize my presentation you may notice that I talked about her good times in life, but also her bad times in life. The 8 types of speeches My point-of-view (pov) on the different types of speeches that were mentioned in the prezi is: Informative – I believe that informative speeches are wonderful because you never know what you will receive in the information. It is always great too learn something new every day. Informative speeches are somewhat similar to mysteries, because in a mystery you may know a little bit about the topic, but always in the end there is a twist or you learn something new. Declamation- According to the prezi, a declamation speech is re giving information about a famous speech, and mostly used in public speaking, I believe that my prezi was sort of a declamation because I was re-giving information about the famous Whitney Houston. Original Oratory- Everyone in Mrs. Handy’s class did an original oratory, because by the definition given from the prezi, it states that it a topic of free choosing. What this means is that you may talk about an appropriate topic for school. Persuasive/Argumentative- My opinion on these types of speeches are that they are very well topics if you speak it in the right type of tone and that you know what you are going to argue with someone else about. Impromptu- This type of topic can sometimes be tricky to handle with just by the fact that you don’t have any clue at all on what you are going to talk about until you get up on stage and they tell you the topic. Story telling- I like this type of speech because all you do is act out a scene from a movie or book, and this comes naturally to me. Congressional Debates- This type of speech to me is that you are the jury and to opposing groups try to convince you to go with their side, after providing substantial amount of evidence, so basically it’s pick a side. Public Forum Debate- This is basically as I mentioned in Congressional Debates but instead of it being about congress, it can be over any topic or issues. Was produced by Oprah Winfrey and her production company, Harpo Productions in 2008. Public Speaking Today What I thought about the presentation about public speaking today is that the information that was provided is very true. When the speaker was talking about nervousness in public speaking, I can relate to this because when we arrived in Alaska and I got the part in the musical I was highly nervous because I didn’t know any of these people, so I was like okay I will get used to this, but before I got comfortable being and acting around these people, at first in my acting Ms. Lang could see the nervousness in me and she told me it’s okay everyone is nervous. After this I got comfortable and I felt like I was back on top of the world. Also in this prezi it mentions that even actors and actresses get butterflies, I agree with this too, even though we are used to each other and comfortable, there is still that what-if nervous inside of you, but it is not as bad if you are totally nervous, us actors know are used too performing in front of many people, the best way to get over that total nervous is perform several times on stage with many people watching, and after you conquer that the nervousness is gone, sometimes it can be little butterflies you feel, but after this you won’t feel nervous anymore. 7 Facts about public speaking In the article about the seven facts about public speaking, I found it very intriguing because that is how the world is turning too and might stay if people worldwide don’t make a change in this. If people and teachers would stop doing public speaking in classes or in front of many people, there would not be any leaders in the future because people would be afraid to speak up and talk what’s on their mind. Initially there is still hope to change this because in school there are many opportunities to do public speaking, and to gather crowds to listen to what you have to say, and let them know how you feel about something. An example of this is when I did my presentation on Whitney Houston, I gathered a lot of facts, pictures, and videos, but the main part is when I put my opinion in it and spoke from my heart. When I presented this Mrs. Handy was amazed and very proud of my work and effort I put into it, so she let me have the best opportunity in the world, and present my presentation about Whitney Houston in all of her classes, and in doing this it bettered my public speaking skills, and I got the audiences opinion in what they thought on how I did and What I could have done better. John F. Kennedy jr. Democrat National Convention- My reaction to this speech is that I think he did well in speaking his speech, because he kept eye contact with the audience, he allowed them enough time to clap, before moving on, and he enunciated his words clearly. His verbal delivery was good because he pronounced his words correctly, and his volume and tone you couldn’t tell that on some of his words he couldn’t enunciate them correctly, but overall his verbal delivery was good. The audience crowd influenced his delivery because he had to be well spoken and loud enough to hear all the way in the back, this big crowd influenced him greatly just not because it was a large crowd, but rather in his voice how he sounded when he was speaking his speech. Rice University:
My reaction to this speech is that it was great overall because he spoke with enthusiasm and you can tell by his body actions that he really cared a lot about getting a man on the moon. One of his quotes that he says is “We don’t do this because it’s easy, but rather because it’s hard.” I like this because to me when I hear this I feel as it can be used to motivate someone and make them work harder for what they want. His verbal delivery was great because he spoke with enthusiasm and he is really motivated to get a man on the moon. In Houston, Texas the audience wanted to see Kennedy be happy on getting a man on the moon, and also they wanted to see Kennedy talk about getting the man back from the moon if they get him on the moon. The smaller audience still influenced him because he kept them engaged to his speech because they wanted to hear more about getting a man on the moon. Soliloquy In this soliloquy about Romeo and Juliet, O Romeo Romeo wherefore art thou. In this soliloquy I see that Juliet is asking Romeo do you love me and if you do love me what don’t you leave and come to me. Then she is talking about his last name not being a body part at all but rather it being a name. Then she questions herself and says what’s in a name? So she answers back and says it a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. In that line I believe that is the name she wants and no other name is sweet enough for her. Attorney General Holder, What stood out to me was for more than half a century, Americans have been coming together each February - or, when "snowmageddon" strikes, in early March - to reflect on how far our nation and, especially, our African-American communities have traveled on the long road toward equality and freedom. Despite the great progress we've seen in my lifetime, it wasn't so long ago that African Americans were prevented from owning property, attaining home or business loans, and joining unions. The legal framework we celebrate today - the same system that abolished slavery, encouraged women's suffrage and ended segregation - once served as a barrier for black families struggling to build wealth and for black children who sought an adequate education. This was important to state in the speech because it give us some background information in how African-Americans were treated during the 1800s and it tells us why we celebrate Black History Month in February. Also why we celebrate it in February is because the 16th president of the U.S. birthday was on the 12th of this month, and he is the man who signed the Emancipation Proclamation. Shirley Chisholm on equal rights for women, there is a calculated system of prejudice that lies unspoken behind that question. Why is it acceptable for women to be secretaries, librarians, and teachers, but totally unacceptable for them to be managers, administrators, doctors, lawyers, and Members of Congress? This stood out to me because this is true I believe women should have equal rights as a man has. Also how can somebody treat a woman that way? I mean a women brought you into this world, so if a women gave you life, you should respect and treat her equally as you would a man. Considering that there are about 3 1/2 million more women in the United States than men, this situation is outrageous. This stood out to me also because people are being prejudice to women but there are more women in the U.S. than men. Barbara Jordan on equality for everyone, we are a people in a quandary about the present. We are a people in search of our future. We are a people in search of a national community. We are a people trying not only to solve the problems of the present: unemployment, inflation...but we are attempting on a larger scale to fulfill the promise of America. We are attempting to fulfill our national purpose; to create and sustain a society in which all of us are equal. This stood out to me because there are still some people in the 21st century who are very prejudice and doesn’t treat people equally, due to gender or race, which I believe is very wrong and hurtful, but also what if you were that person getting picked on due to gender or race. I think if a person wants to be prejudice that that person needs to be treated like they treat other people. The golden rule is due onto others as you would want them to treat you. If everyone followed that rule, there would be less discrimination in the world. http://www.jfklibrary.org/Asset-Viewer/MkATdOcdU06X5uNHbmqm1Q.aspx#ooid=RpZTR4MTqJkN5H4l7NZsQeWY_joVZZ1r http://www.jfklibrary.org/Asset-Viewer/AS08q5oYz0SFUZg9uOi4iw.aspx#ooid=duZzJ4MTo0Fjs2s_Ocg_9NN4I5t0a3v3
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