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Iris Tonytony

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Jane Eyre& Mr.Rochester
decide to get married. Mr.Rochester's dark face
looked stern. After the priest asked
''Is there any reason why these two people should not to be married?'' Mr.Rochester showed
his secret. He really had
a wife named
Bertha Mason. This secret made Jane Eyer felt
how foolish her had. And her hope
were all dead, and her future
was empty. CH.17
The Wedding Day Jane Eyre did not told
her Reed cousins.
But written a letter to
her uncle. And a lawyer showed and said Mr.rochester had a wife already.
Also with the prove Mr. Mason. Jane Eyer only wanted to know
why he looked so fierce. CH.19
Finding Shelter With no money and possessions ,
she walked across the moor,
until she found a dry place to sleep.
She eventually found a small village,
felt weak and paint. The wind and the rain beat down on her,
and she fell down several times.
She dropped on to the wet doorstep
and hopeless prepared to die. At the baker’s she offered to exchange
leather gloves for a small cake,
but the baker’s wife looked at
her dirty clothes and said,
“I am sorry, but how do I know you
haven’t stolen them?” The girls, Diana and Mary Rivers,
had to work as governesses.
St John, their brother,
the vicar in the nearest village, Morton. The young ladies brother found her.
She doesn’t want anybody
to know where she come from.
Hannah, the housekeeper told
she all about the family. Jane Eyre told them where
an unfortunate event,
not in any way her fault, so that
she could become independent again. Thank you!! After travelling for
two days in the coach.
Jane Eyre left her parcel inside,
and given the coachman
all the coins. CH.18
Mr Rochester's Explanation When Jane knew the truth is, she felt faint and not eaten anything all day.
Mr.Rocheter bent to kiss her, but she turned her face determinedly away. Mr.Rocheter decided to bring Adele to boarding school. Mr.Rocheter not because
his wife’s mad that he hate her.
Jane wants to leave him, but
Mr.Rocheter said ” we’ll live happily
and innocently together in a little
white house I have in the south of France.” Mr.Rocheter’s father loved money very much so he decided Mr.Rocheter should marry Bertha Mason , the daughter of his wealthy friend Jonas Mason.
Bertha Mason not only coarse and stupid , her madness also made her violent. He lived with her for 4 years. Even Mrs Fairfax and the servants don’t know the whole truth about her. But although he pay Grace Poole well, she sometimes drinks too much and allows the creature to escape. Mr.Rocheter thinks Jane is at the centre of his heart and sorry about he try to marry her without explaining. Mr.Rocheter seemed to read her thoughts and stared fiercely into her eyes but he couldn’t break her spirit.
Jane decided went miserably downstairs and out of the house.She arranged to travel on it as far as her money would pay for. Inside the coach she cried the bitterest tears of her life.
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