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BSHS/375 Week Five

No description

Linda Salomone

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of BSHS/375 Week Five


Security, privacy, legal, and ethical concerns in technology
Password protection and protocols
Alternate protection (biometric methods, such as fingerprinting or hand-scans).
PIN numbers and passwords
Unique identifiers, for example, a social security number or a client code
Consent for treatment versus authorization to release information
Data use in billing for services and research
What are ways to monitor and prevent fraud and misappropriation of services?
Quality assurance calls to family
Periodic audit of client charts to ensure accurate service provision
What impact do security breaches have on confidentiality and services?
What are the protection protocols for client data?
Safety of the client and the human services organization: confidentiality protocols in the office setting
Steps to repair trust with the client and community after a breach
Security methods for human services organizations
1. What are some ways patient confidentiality can be protected, given the establishment of a national database of medical records?
2. What protections are provided by HIPAA (1996)? What are consent and authorization? What information is protected, when is it protected and not protected, and what is not protected at all?
3. What are the challenges of monitoring and preventing fraud and misappropriation of services? What are some systems in place at your job to prevent this from happening?
4. Provide an example of a possible security breach at a human services organization. What are the implications when something like this happens? What is the impact on service delivery? How can potential damage be repaired?

Client Protection
What is the appropriate use of date, consent, and authorization in human services
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