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on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Hawai'i

1893: Republic governed by US business
1898: US Territory
1959: Statehood
Settler colonialism (US and Japan, primarily)
Other Asian immigration (China, Korea, Philippines) five more postcards:
Hawai'i and the pacific rim
What is Hawai'i's place in the Pacific Rim?
Is it Asian? American? Both? Neither?
How is it imagined? Richard Misrach:
"Though the connection may not be obvious, his pictures of people relaxing and playing were deeply influenced by the events of September 11, 2001. That morning, Misrach, who lives in Berkeley, California, happened to be in Washington, D.C., which was shaken by the attack on the Pentagon, and he was anxious about his son, Jake, then a freshman at New York University. He finally reached Jake and was able, a few days later, to drive up to Manhattan."

"He reinforces the feeling of aloneness in some cases by digitally removing other swimmers from the water in the post-production phase of his picture-making." Why in Hawai'i, and not New York?
What does Hawai'i symbolize in these images?
How are those symbols part of a longer history of exploitation in Hawai'i? Homegrown Tourism:
Exotic, but familiar
Mysterious, but safe

Rise of Asia in 20th century:
Hong Kong
South Korea

Native Hawaiians? Pidgin as resistance Use of Pidgin in Hawaiian literature:
Does not invest in "cultural purity"
Uses minor language subversively
Gives natives visibility
Challenges exotic, empty symbol I IS.
Ain't nobody
tell me
otherwise. "Difference is not negated or reified
but constructed, negotiated, affirmed."
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