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The Light Bulb

No description

jordan p

on 3 April 2011

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Transcript of The Light Bulb

The light bulb Positive and negative effects from the light bulb Postive effects The light bulb is fairly cheap.
It forms light.
It helps people observe their surroundings.
Lastly the light bulbs are used in many inventions people use.

Negative effects
The light bulb costs money to buy it and money
for the electricity to run it.
If you drop the light bulb it will break because the are very fragile and poorly made.
Light bulbs don't always work because they are duds.
Lastly the light bulbs can catch on fire if they are used for a long period of time.

This is a shadderd light bulb. Posibilities in the future In the future the light bulb may become brighter. Also the light bulb may become cheaper, smaller and more economical. Things that led the light bulb to be made really bright lights People wanted something to use to be able to see things without using candles. The creation of the light bulb made it easier to see at anytime and anywhere. That is why the light bulb was created. The area of technology the light bulb it's in and how it effected other areas The light bulb is in the energy and power technology area
because it uses power and energy. The light bulb effects the medical,construction, and also information and communication. It effects the medical area because with out lights doctors wouldn't be able to see during and opperation if it was at night. The light bulb effects the construction area because if you are in a dark cave you can use lights to see where your walking and whats near you. Also it can help you work anytime if the area is dark the light will help you see. Lastly the light bulb effected the manufacturing area. It effected it because people can work faster when they work if they are able to see good also it helps companies to be able to work anytime. That is how the light bulb effected other technology areas. What does the light bulb do? The light bulb converts energy to heat and light. The light bulb has wires that travel through it and there is a necleus and the atoms travel to it creating light. This creation makes light, color and it can be projected The history and creator of the light bulb The light bulb was created by an english man named Humphry day. Then Thomas Alva Edison improved the light bulb and made it brighter in 1809. That's some of the history of the light bulb. This is the atoms in a light bulb. How the light bulb is used The light bulbs description The light bulb can be made out of glass or blastic. The light bulb can be many colors such as... red, blue, orange, green, and etc. When you look at the light bulb you can sometimes see wires inside it. Depending on the type of light bulb the brightness can range. That's the description of the light bulb. The incadescent light bulb The fluorescent light bulb The sodium light bulb The halogen light bulb Heat lamps Positive effects Positive effects
The light bulb is fairly cheap.
The light bulb is small and transportable.
There are also so many types of light bulbs to choose from.
Lastly light bulbs can be use for long periods of time.
Negative effects The light bulb is used in many things tvs, computers, heat lamps, and ect. The end
By: Jordan Pettit
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